Triggering avalanches in a systematic manner

The Avalanche Guard® system is meant to recognize and defuse dangers in time, without impairing nature.

Avalanches not only endanger human lives but also the economic success of tourism areas. They interrupt feeder roads, the operation of skiing areas and tear holes into the cash boxes of skiing and tourism sites. With the comprehensive avalanche safety system Avalanche Guard® by Inauen-Schätti AG, safety officers have a reliable and cost-efficient solution to quickly and efficiently secure residential settlements, ski slopes, valleys and traffic paths in any weather.

Avalanche Trigger LM32


The new development of the Avalanche Trigger LM32 covers a clear customer need. Various customers operate slopes with avalanche trains where detonation is necessary much more often for secure slopes. Road securing also often requires a high number of blasts to ensure avalanche safety. 

Avalanche Trigger LM32 means an avalanche mast with a capacity of 32 charges for remote-controlled artificial avalanche triggering. The ejection module LM32 can be placed directly on the mast by helicopter. The charge is then ejected on demand by computer, tablet or smartphone.


LM 2700 / LM 5400

The avalanche mast ideally supplements the avalanche monitor and unfolds its optimal effect on steep slopes. The avalanche mast is installed firmly as well at the tear point or a hot spot, ejecting its charges on a line to detonate above the snow cover. This prevents sliding off of the charge and ensures the full effect of the detonation. The avalanche mast is also controlled via the control of the Lawinenwächter® system and equipped with the same throw charges.


LW 2700 / LW 5400

The avalanche monitor is a firmly installed throwing system that is installed in an easily accessible location, is rechargeable, and equipped with at least 10 charges. The rottable blasting cartridges are available in two different models – with 2.5 kg or 5 kg explosives. The avalanche monitor is triggered remote-controlled by computer in order to trigger avalanches in terrain that is difficult to access. The avalanche monitor is the central part of the Lawinenwächter® system for securing areas with a risk of avalanche.



As a flexible throwing device, the avalanche whistle supports the effect of the two firmly installed systems within the Avalanche Guard® system, where avalanches must be triggered efficiently and on short notice. The avalanche whistle is installed on a foundation or mobile on snow groomers. It can be turned by 360 degrees and shoots its explosive cartridges in three different inclinations.


Avalanche explosive charge S-LOAD

The avalanche explosive charge S-LOAD for the Avalanche Trigger LM32 ensures best safety.

The newly developed and patented «S-LOAD» charged for the blasting mast Avalanche Trigger LM32 essentially stands out with its mechanism that combines the explosive and primer just before detonation.



ATMS – the new 
control center

Avalanches tripped in a controlled fashion make skiing and tourism areas more secure places. Thanks to the safety technology of the Lawinenwächter® system of Inauen-Schätti AG, people, animals, properties and infrastructures can be protected from the consequences of avalanches even in the highest mountain regions that are located in the area of possible uncontrolled avalanches.

To keep the systems available around the clock and operable with the greatest safety, we have developed our cloud-based ATMS (Avalanche Trigger Management System).


Individual configurations

Suitable combination of the Lawinenwächter® system components opens up entirely new horizons.

A combination of Fastload with an avalanche mast permits above-snow detonation while a charge can be shot from the ejection module at up to 150 m by Fastload system.

This makes it possible to reach various targets from a single ejection box. 5 of the 10 tubes in the avalanche mast are often equipped with the Fastload system. The free tube selection in the new ATMS control system can therefore be shot at a long distance on demand from the upper tubes, while the lower tubes can implement above-snow detonation.


Financing solutions for greater entrepreneurial freedom

We offer various financing solutions in Switzerland and Austria and can help you invest in entire plant parks.

The best for our customers

Happy customers are our best advertisement. To best meet customer wishes, we offer the highest level of service. We at Inauen-Schätti AG now have many years of experience in avalanche protection. With more than 400 Lawinenwächer® plants already installed in Switzerland, Europe and North America, we are your responsible and innovative partner from planning to installation, to the Software. Our avalanche safety experts are available to you with advice and support and will give their best every time: That is, individual use of your entire know-how to find the optimal solution for your needs.

The best for our customers

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