Safety and reliability come first

Avalanches tripped in a controlled fashion make skiing and tourism areas more secure places. Thanks to the safety technology of the Lawinenwächter® system of Inauen-Schätti AG, people, animals, properties and infrastructures can be protected from the consequences of avalanches even in the highest mountain regions that are located in the area of possible uncontrolled avalanches.

To keep the systems available around the clock and operable with the greatest safety, we have developed our cloud-based ATMS (Avalanche Trigger Management System).

Sicherheit ist Programm

Safety is the game

All new systems of Inauen-Schätti AG can be ordered with the ATMS. For the cloud-based explosion software, a dedicated server per customer is set up and thus given an additional degree of safety. Access is personalized and secured by security code, as in e-banking. The control and inspection program are easy to operate and can be controlled by PC, tablet and smart devices. Only those who are really authorized will have access.

Kommunikation auf höchstem Niveau

Communication at the highest level

The avalanche trigger system is connected to you at all times via the ATMS software. You can access the system at all times, no matter where you are. Blasting data and system data are presented well-structured at all times and can be viewed by remote maintenance by us as well as in an emergency. The access authorizations are defined in detail initially and the area is presented well-structured. The LM32 has some additional features installed, such as the GPS system that verifies the location at all times and prevents incorrect positioning.

Seminare und Schulungen

Seminars and training

Artificial avalanche triggers pose the highest demands to responsibility and know-how. Regular further education is an obligation - for our teams as well as for our customers. In order to always competently consult and support you in implementation of your projects, our engineers cooperate closely with avalanche and explosion experts and are represented in technical bodies and associations. We also offer training and service programs for products and charge production. We take our responsibility seriously.

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