The new development Avalanche Trigger LM32 stands out with its large number of charges and the S-LOAD charge.

In particular in road securing and slopes with high frequencies, the number of blasts is very high and requires early recharging with conventional systems.

For the Avalanche Trigger LM32, we not only developed a system with a very high number of shots, but that can also be positioned by helicopter in the most remote locations. The Avalanche Trigger LM32 is available in 3 versions. It comes with 16, 24 or 32 shots. This achieves an optimal configuration depending on customer need and detonation point. Every LM32 in the 16 shot version can be reconfigured to 24 or 32 shots later.

The functional design prevents snow collections and the 6 solar cells supply sufficient power for the 2 accumulators that supply the LM32 with power. This also manages bad-weather periods with good availability. The computer-controlled trigger systems are in particularly high demand during bad-weather periods.

Not only weather is considered with the modern design, but also the pressure blast after the destination. All areas in the lower part of the ejection box LM32 are set up to optimally deflect the pressure shaft.

Preparation becomes child's play

Merely a foundation with a special mast ring needs to be placed on the mountain. The ejection box is loaded comfortably in the valleys, and the S-LOAD charge system makes this process much simpler. Then, the automatic helicopter coupling «Auto-Loc» permits flowing in the LM32 ejection box into the ring. Since the helicopter pilot does not need to observe any specific alignment or position, the process is made much simpler. The Avalanche Trigger LM32 has solar cells around its circumference, and the alignment in the ring usually does not matter.

ATMS – the new tax center

Once arrived in the ring, the position of the box is determined by GPS and other sensors and activated to be ready for triggering. 

Now the system runs on stand-by and can be activated on demand, and the 5 kg charges can be ejected by computer, tablet or smartphone via remote control. The new web-based control «ATMS» permits many new features at the highest safety level. 

On demand, communication can also be installed as a radio solution.

At a single glance

  • For 32 charges in an ejection module
  • Comfortable loading in the valley
  • Simple positioning in a ring by helicopter
  • New ATMS control for comfort and safety
  • Above-snow detonation with up to 5 kg
  • Explosives for highest effectiveness and efficiency
  • S-LOAD to guarantee greatest safety
  • Weather-independent
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