The new Avalanche Trigger LM32 model has a number of impressive features including the high number of explosive charges and the S-LOAD.

Securing roads, and high-use slopes both require a very high number of explosive charges and conventional systems need to be promptly reloaded.

With the Avalanche Trigger LM32, we have not only developed a system with a high number of shots, but also one which can be simply positioned with the helicopter in the most remote locations. The Avalanche Trigger LM32 is available in 3 versions: 16, 24 or 32 shot versions. This creates an optimum configuration in accordance with customer requirements and desired blast points. Each LM32 in the 16 shot variant can be converted to a 24 or 32 shot version at a later date.

The functional design prevents snow accumulation and the 6 solar cells supply sufficient power for 2 batteries which themselves provide the LM32 with power. This ensures high system availability, even in periods of bad weather when the computer-controlled trigger systems are very much in demand.
The modern design does not only take the snow into account, but also the blast after detonation. In the lower area of the LM32 throw box, all areas are designed so that the blast can be optimally dissipated.

Preparation work becomes child’s play

The only step that needs to be taken is to put a foundation in place with the special master ring. The throw box can be comfortably loaded down in the valley. The S-LOAD system greatly simplifies this procedure. The LM32 throw box can then be directly flown into the ring using the automatic “Auto Lock” helicopter coupling. This greatly simplifies the process since the helicopter pilot does not need to attend to any special equipment or focus on the location. The Avalanche Trigger LM32 has solar cells affixed to the whole perimeter which means that the layout in the ring is not significant.

ATMS – the new control centre

Once it has been placed within the ring, the position of the box is determined via GPS and other sensors and the 'ready for triggering' status is activated, the system is therefore not accessible under the transport.

The system is now on stand-by and can be activated if necessary. The 4.5 kg explosive charges can be thrown out via remote control using a computer, tablet or smartphone. The new web-based “ATMS” control allows for many new features with an extremely high level of safety.

At a glance

  • up to 32 explosive charges in one throw module
  • can be conveniently loaded in the valley
  • can be easily positioned in a ring by a helicopter
  • new ATMS control for convenience and safety
  • over snow blasting with 4.5 kg explosives
  • Explosives for the highest effectiveness and efficiency
  • S-LOAD as a guarantee for maximum safety
  • all-weather system
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