The history
of Inauen-Schätti AG

Maximum performance as a claim

The permanent combination of the enterprises across decades is the fertile soil for the very diverse position of Inauen-Schätti AG. This is supported by the references in 7 business fields that are proof of a sustainable business policy. Still Swiss-made today, the tradition continues to live in the modern day!

Geschichte Inauen-Schätti


Founding of Schätti AG with headquarters in Tuggen and factory yard in Siebnen

  • Assembly and operation of material aerial tramways
  • Assembly of aerial tramways, ski lifts for all manufacturers
  • Hoists across the world
  • Assembly and disassembly work of all kinds
  • Assembly of area carrying structures across the world


Majority participation of the Inauen family in Schätti AG


Official representative of Doppelmayr in Switzerland

Delivery and assembly of person aerial tramways


Taking over the machine factory Mathias Streiff AG in Schwanden GL

  • Founding year 1775
  • From 1956 onwards, construction of aerial tramways, drag lifts, ships, etc.


Founding of Inauen Schätti AG, headquartered in Schwanden

  • formerly Mathias Streiff AG
  • Inauen-Schätti is operated as an independent company


Combination of Schätti AG and Inauen Schätti AG

  • Focus on the construction of small aerial tramways, aerial tramway and special installations and special plant construction


Taking over Niederberger AG

  • 1881 Founding of Niederberger AG
  • 1905 Construction of the first aerial tramway


Reorganization of Inauen-Schätti AG

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