Suitable combinations of the Lawinenwächter® system components open up entirely new horizons.

A combination of Fastload with an avalanche mast permits above-snow detonation while a charge can be shot from the ejection module at up to 150 m by Fastload system. This makes it possible to reach various targets from a single ejection box. 5 of the 10 tubes in the avalanche mast are often equipped with the Fastload system. The free tube selection in the new ATMS control system can therefore be shot at a long distance on demand from the upper tubes, while the lower tubes can implement above-snow detonation.

When buying a new avalanche monitor, you can choose the option Fastload or the conventional design. Of course, existing avalanche monitors and avalanche whistles can be retrofitted with the new shot system as well. The Fastload system can be used with the Booster as well and increase the loading comfort a lot. An integrated tear-ignition in the ejection charge, combined with a special launching tube, forms the core of this new technology. Only when it leaves the tube will the tear detonator connected to the safety fuse be torn and armed.



Enjoy the advantages of a combination between an avalanche monitor and an avalanche mast. Save on the on-site control and receive optimal flexibility in the number of detonation points. The alignment of 20 charges in one loading site also simplifies logistics.

This is only one example of how we can take care of customer needs. The board range of avalanche triggering systems from Inauen-Schätti AG is near-unlimited in artificial triggering of avalanches.

The FASTLOAD system

The throw charge is only pushed into the tube for the fastload system and brought into position by a ¼ turn. Then the person authorized for explosives only needs to arm the charge. This makes charging much simpler and more efficient. As mentioned, this system is available for the booster and the avalanche monitor, as well as with single tube choice in the avalanche mast.

Your potential advantages

  • Simple and quick charge construction
  • Reloading is comfortable and quick
  • Safety level is additionally increased
  • Existing Lawinenwächter® can be retrofitted to FASTLOAD cost-efficiently
FASTLOAD das System
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