Avalanche triggering systems

The Avalanche Pipe addresses the key safety issue - it makes avalanches explode rather than costs!

Safety should not be a matter of cost. This is why Inauen-Schätti offers the Avalanche Pipe, the flexible and extremely cost-effective individual throwing unit in the Avalanche Guard® system. The avalanche pipe can almost be seen as an extension of the patroller's arm and acts as a mobile or stationary installation for safe and effective clearance of hazardous avalanche areas. The compact installation is ideal for a wide range of applications and permits a quick sequence of blasts from a safe location, even in bad weather.

Ready for use

As an affordable triggering solution, the Avalanche Pipe makes it easy for blast experts to safely and effectively clear slopes and ravines. At the exact time and in the exact location that is indicated. From permanently installed avalanche pipes to those mounted to piste vehicles, the inserted explosive points can be precisely defined in a 360º radius. This means that ranges of up to 200 m are possible.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Efficient use of avalanche pipes is, as for all installations in the Avalanche Guard® system, not only weatherproof but also ecologically sustainable. This is because the explosive charges for avalanche pipes are actually the same products, made from a decomposable material, as those used for the Avalanche Guard and Avalanche Master. This means that users can guarantee safety in avalanche areas with a clean conscience.

At a glance

  • can be used in mobile or stationary applications
  • 2.4 kg of explosive charge for the Booster 250
  • 4.5 kg of explosive charge for the Mörser 5400
  • 3 inclinations possible
  • 360º throw radius
  • all-weather use
  • cheap triggering solution
  • decomposable explosive charges
  • for flexible avalanche clearing ranges 200 m (Booster 250) and up to 120 m with the Mortar 5400.

Our Avalanche Guards, Avalanche Masters and Avalanche Pipes ensure safety in the mountains throughout Europe and North America, triggering controlled avalanches to protect roads, ski slopes and thus human lives. You too can benefit from the vast experience and know-how of Inauen-Schätti AG in the field of artificial avalanche blasting.

Do you have any questions about avalanche protection?

We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions about avalanche slope protection. Inauen-Schätti AG also offers the right solution for slopes with many avalanche tracks. If there is a need for frequent blasting, we can offer a system in which up to 32 blasting charges can be conveniently triggered by remote control.

This is also relevant for avalanche protection in the vicinity of roads. Our Avalanche Trigger LM32 avalanche mast is specifically designed for this purpose with its impressive capacity of 32 explosive charges for remote controlled artificial avalanche triggering.

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