Avalanche triggering systems

The avalanche whistle means safety in a nutshell – it makes avalanches explode, rather than costs.

Safety can't be a matter of cost. Therefore, Inauen-Schätti offers the avalanche whistle, a flexible and extremely cost-efficient individual throwing device in the Lawinenwächter® system. The avalanche whistle virtually forms the extended arm of the patroller and, as a mobile or stationary system, ensures secure and effective clearing of endangered avalanche areas. The compact system has diverse uses and permits detonation from a secure location in quick succession even in bad weather.

ready for use all around

As the most cost-efficient explosives solution, the avalanche whistle makes it easy for the explosives officers to securely and efficiently clear slopes and couloirs. This is always done at the time and in the place when and where a «hot spot» needs to be shot at. The set detonation points in a radius of 360º can be targeted and shot precisely from avalanche whistles that are firmly installed or mounted on snow groomers. Distances of up to 250 m are possible as well.

Safe and clean

Effective use of avalanche whistle is, as is always the case in facilities of the Lawinenwächter® system, not only possible independently of weather, but also ecologically sustainable. The blasting cartridges for the avalanche whistle are the same makes of rottable material that are also used in the avalanche monitor and avalanche mast. This way, you can ensure safety in avalanche areas with a good conscience.

At a single glance

  • mobile and stationary use possible
  • 2.7 kg explosive charges in the booster 250
  • 5.4 kg explosive charges in the mortar 5400 
  • 3 inclinations possible
  • 360º throwing radius
  • Use independently of weather
  • Favorable explosives solution
  • Rottable explosives capsules
  • For flexible avalanche clearing
  • Ranges 250 m (Booster 250) and up to 180 m with the mortar "Mörser 5400" 

The FASTLOAD system

The throw charge is only pushed into the tube for the fastload system and brought into position by a ¼ turn. Then the person authorized for explosives only needs to arm the charge. This makes charging much simpler and more efficient. As mentioned, this system is available for the booster and the avalanche monitor, as well as with single tube choice in the avalanche mast.

Your potential advantages

  • Simple and quick charge construction
  • Reloading is comfortable and quick
  • Safety level is additionally increased
  • Existing Lawinenwächter® can be retrofitted to FASTLOAD cost-efficiently
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