Flexible and innovative

Where ropes and tension forces raise enthusiasm.

Putting the visions and plans of the architects and engineers into reality, completing their creativity on the building with rope installations, is an expertise of ours! Rope structures and rope installations open up new dimensions. Often spectacular, at breath-taking heights, on transparent facades, area-comprehensively above stadiums, with enormous tensions.

We are your team from installation planning to strict final assembly: Team spirit and partnership, many years of experience and flexibility, detailed planning and project-specific assembly devices characterize our teams. In the mountains, we have combined laws of nature and technology for decades. Equipped with this experience, our assembly teams have been out on all continents for more than 20 years to stretch and install the works created by planners.

Stadium installations

We are an experienced partner for new sports stadiums and roof renovations. Ropes are stretched at up to 500 t to span areas with sizes of 10,000 m2 such as stands and soccer fields. Our international references are the fertile soil for further exciting projects. You can rely on secure and timely installation with us.

Membrane installations

Membrane attachments combine space, heights, depths, dimensions, design and art in a fascinating unit. For more than 20 years, we have been implementing ideas and visions with our membranes, optical fibers and transparent films as visible challenges and works – for our planners, teams and visitors.

Assemblies of facades and roofs

Facades add gloss and expression to buildings

Inauen-Schätti teams release facade structures from narrow borders. Rope structures span gigantic areas and provide a protecting roof. Our assembly teams have been in high demand around the globe for years: As consultants, helping plan the assembly, with experienced teams for the work on site, responsible for supervision, measurements and inspections.

Installation of the rope structures of bridges

Incredible rope dimensions and spans challenge and inspire.

The installation and tensioning of bridge ropes is a very special task. The forces are enormous, and the required responsibility is great.

Special installations

Special and unusual

There is no single rule and barely any recurring project for special assemblies. Whether you need to secure a radio tower or have to install scaffolding very high up: It's a case for us. Everything is special and challenging. It's just right for Inauen-Schätti AG - we love a good challenge and are secure and professional in handling ropes.

Maintenance work on rope structures

These buildings need maintenance as well.

Pedestrian bridges and pipeline bridges also require maintenance work. We will gladly support you in this kind of task. High rope tensions often need to be held during rope work to make the anchoring bollards and sleeves accessible. We build and deliver replacement buildings for supporting the rope forces as well.

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