The avalanche charge S-LOAD for the Avalanche Trigger LM32 ensures best safety.

The newly developed and patented «S-LOAD» charged for the blasting mast Avalanche Trigger LM32 essentially stands out with its mechanism that combines the explosive and primer just before detonation. They are stored separately during the transport and storage in the ejection box. The S-LOAD charge is broken down into two parts. The upper part contains the coil body and the ignition sequence (impact detonator, safety fuse and detonator number 8), with the lower part of the charge holding the explosives (explosive and fuse). The explosives and primer are separated by a tested casing during transport and storage. At relocation of the primer, it is ensured that the explosives cannot be injected. A mass ignition capacity has been reviewed and excluded.


How it works

By dropping of the charge from the magazine box, the holding cord only needs to meet 3 tasks: tearing off of the impact detonator, connection of the explosives and primer; and finally holding of the charge above the snow cover! After the charge is suspended from the ejection line, the lit safety fuse routes the fire to the detonator. This in turn leads it to the fuse that is placed near the detonator now by ejection of the charge. The fuse finally causes injection of the explosive.


Thoroughly tested

The core idea of the new S-LOAD charge was achievement of the highest possible safety level by keeping the primers separate from the explosives until just before the detonation. We were able to test and confirm the function in many detailed explosion tests. Since the explosion sequence is only combined when the charge drops from the

Avalanche Trigger LM32, the charge thus also remains secure during transport by helicopter or in the box, i.e. even if the primers were tripped, the explosive would not be touched.

At a single glance

  • SEPARATE: During transport and storage the primer and explosives are separate
  • SAFETY: When relocating the primer, it is ensured that the explosives cannot be injected.
  • Comfortable handling by the practical arrangement of the primers
  • Simple and safe handling

Charges of wood and cardboard

The materials of the charge are built mainly from natural materials such as cardboard and wood in the avalanche monitor and avalanche mast. The material degrades quickly in nature.

The spacious cardboard tube makes it possible to place an explosives cartridge of up to approx. 5 kg in the tube without any problems, if there are any changes. This leads to additional securing of availability in future as well.

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