Solution-oriented and innovative special machine construction

We are the answer when specialists are needed.

We use our know-how for development of special productions and special machines. Engineering, production technology steel construction and metalworking under a single roof lead to perfect solutions. A organ transport vehicle for the Sistine Chapel that can climb stairs, movement systems for tram compositions, tank target lanes for the army, boat transport facilities, vehicles for work in pressure tubes and various steel structures are just some examples of our experience with innovative ideas. In this business field, there is barely any limit to the inventive spirit based on many years of experience.

Special machine construction

There is barely any limit for special machine construction. Customers often come to us with an issue that is hard to solve and hope for an innovative and economic idea. Our long-term employees will come in then. They look forward to an exciting project. Find some of the outstanding solutions of our engineering art below.

Logistics systems and special transport systems

Boat transfer systems that are designed as aerial tramways, or transport facilities for trains and trams: there is barely an end to the possible options.

Special elevators

Our special elevators can be found in buildings and industrial structures in order to transport individual persons to a place that is difficult to access. In Regensburg, for example, the cathedral organist is lifted up to the cathedral's organ. Another example can be found in a nuclear power plant in which our mobile special elevator is taken to the reactor basin if necessary, and people can be lowered into it later. The elevator system is needed for maintenance work on the reactor basins and can be used in various positions. The compact elevator unit is moved into special holding brackets by the hall crane and is ready for use very quickly.


The heaviest construction and installation machines need secure footing and traction to master the steepest embankments to install pavings. The vehicles are often secured with winch systems. Tunneling also often uses winches in vertical shafts. Since they are often used to transport people, the winches are often built according to the machinery directive. At times, certifications according to the aerial tramway regulation are needed. We will gladly develop those as well (see special aerial tramways).

Steel construction according to EN 1090-2 / EXC3

The classical steel construction requires a very clean work method and precise design. Our welding engineers and welding specialists are trained very well, and Inauen-Schätti AG has been certified to EN 1090-2 EXC3 since 2017.

Bridge constructions

Inauen-Schätti AG has made a name for itself in Switzerland for the construction of pedestrian bridges and bridges for small vehicles. Pipeline bridges have also been an Inauen-Schätti product for decades. Pipeline bridges often have a pedestrian bridge added to them. Find some examples we completed below.

Mast construction and antenna masts

For about a decade, we have been delivering various mast types for telecommunication. The designs are diverse and can be naturally adapted to nearly any customer wish.

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