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Inauen-Schätti AG developed from three companies in aerial tramway construction and mechanical engineering. Today, we set standards for safety, economic efficiency and technical innovations in seven business areas where innovative and economic engineering services are in demand. Our roughly 70 employees inspire our customers and partners every day.


Aerial tramways

Aerial tramways are a reliable, efficient and ecologically sensible means of traffic and transport, with best performance on any terrain. As experienced constructors of aerial tramways, we design, build and install aerial tramways around the world. From the automatic small two-way cableway to the compact aerial tramway for 15 passengers in luxurious cabins, we make any transport wish come true with our dedicated engineering teams. Our virtual reality system lets the customer experience planning details up close early on and immerse himself in the world of aerial tramways.


Inclined elevators

Our inclined elevators bring mobility to the front door and are used more and more often as a means of public transport as well. They do valuable work as feeders in cities and agglomerations, access historical sites and parks, holiday apartments on mountain slopes and permit access to places that were difficult to reach before. Everything from offer to planning, execution and maintenance of the system comes from a single source. Above or below ground alike: Inclined elevators are an important basis for our enterprise with its international network.


Avalanche triggering systems

The Avalanche Guard is the central facility for artificial tripping of avalanches to secure areas and roads in danger of avalanches. The Avalanche Guards are equipped with explosives that are tripped by a computerized remote-control. This way, we can trigger artificial avalanches precisely in any weather. Our latest invention and development is the Avalanche Trigger LM32. It is the first of its kind in the world that can be equipped with up to 32 explosives cartridges. These systems are supplemented with the single shot device Booster 250.

Sondermaschinen- und Stahlbau

Special machine and steel construction

We are the answer when specialists are needed.

We use our know-how for development of special productions and special machines. Engineering, production technology steel construction and metalworking under a single roof lead to perfect solutions. A organ transport vehicle for the Sistine Chapel that can climb stairs, movement systems for tram compositions, tank target lanes for the army, boat transport facilities, vehicles for work in pressure tubes and various steel structures are just some examples of our experience with innovative ideas.


Steel water engineering

Steel water engineering is an additional passion. 

Our know-how in engineering, production and handling of steel, as well as our great experience in assembly work in the middle of often-rough natural terrain combine in another competence: steel water engineering. The maintenance-friendly and long-lived products of the traditional enterprise BRAUN Maschinenfabrik GmbH from Austria are linked to the sales, production, assembly and service competences of Inauen-Schätti AG for the Swiss market. This cooperation leads to a perfect team for economic implementation of the most demanding projects.


Cable routing systems / cable routing

We're not just going up high. Our cable installation systems also let us dig deeply underground. Up to 40 kg/m heavy high-voltage cables can be installed and attached in a single work step in subterranean tubes. Cables of 1000 m length roll right into place on our cable supports. A cable installation system as a masterpiece of attachment and installation technology.

Since all system solutions are comprehensively planned based on customer information in 3D-CAD, we can achieve an extremely high planning and execution safety.


Special installations

Our rope artists are active in the valley, too.

Work around rope structures, e.g. on rope bridges, stadium roofs or in rope architecture are part of our expertise.                                                                                                                                        We are your partner where cable pulls, special tools and perfect assembly are needed to implement the best ideas.

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