We won't leave you hanging. Our facilities are suitable for many areas of use.

The INTRA is the right facility for accessing terraced houses or hotel facilities with shaft development. The "Intra" is running on very low-noise rails. Thanks to the shaft facility, it is weather-protected, which makes the facility very low-maintenance for us and for you.Dank der Schachtanlage ist er witterungsgeschützt, was die Anlage für uns und für Sie wartungsarm macht.

For all interior areas

We customize the facility to your wishes with a great selection of various inner coverings, colors and accessories for cabin development. No matter if you want a cabin entirely made of glass or mirrors with wood and sheet covers, stone panels or carpet, and with handrails of chrome or polished steel: We can offer it all. The simple, analogue operating panel of a vertical elevator can also be designed to match your needs.

Conventional buttons and touch screen panels with a well-structured and comprehensible design are available, as well as a badge or key operation to ensure the access rights.

The state-of-the-art control permits remote access by APP that is used for remote maintenance and the inclined elevator can be operated by the customer by app on demand as well. 

In order to keep the necessary drive output as low as possible, the Intra usually uses a counter-weight in the lane.

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