Triggering avalanches with the system

The aim of the Avalanche Guard® system is to safely and promptly identify and mitigate hazards while ensuring that nature is not adversely affected.

Avalanches do not only endanger people’s lives, but they also jeopardise the economic prosperity of tourist areas. They cut off access roads, interrupt operations in ski resorts and tear deep holes in the pockets of ski and tourism destinations. With the comprehensive Avalanche Guard® safety system from Inauen-Schätti AG, safety officers have a reliable and cost-effective solution available to quickly and efficiently secure ski slopes, valleys and transport routes in any weather. Our ability to blast avalanches artificially and in a controlled manner therefore offers a considerable gain in safety and freedom, not only for tourist areas.

Avalanche Trigger LM32


The new model of the Avalanche Trigger LM32 satisfies a clear customer requirement. Various customers operate ski slopes under avalanche passages which require frequent blasting to ensure slope safety. And road security systems also often require a large number of explosions to assure avalanche safety.

Avalanche Trigger LM32 is an Avalanche Master with a capacity of up to 32 explosion charges for remote-controlled, artificial triggering of avalanches. The LM32 throw module can be placed directly on the mast by helicopter without the need for anyone to be on site. A computer, tablet or smartphone is then used to eject the explosive charge as required.



The Avalanche Master perfectly complements an Avalanche Guard which can show off its optimum effect on steep slopes. The Avalanche Master is permanently installed at the starting zone or at a hot spot and throws its load on a rope, letting it detonate above the snow surface. The load cannot slide off and the full detonation force is ensured. The Avalanche Master is also controlled via the ATMS.



The Avalanche Guard is a permanently installed throwing system that is mounted in a well-accessible site; it can be reloaded and is equipped with at least 10 loads. The decomposable explosion cartridges are available in two different models - with 2.5 kg or 4.5 kg of explosives. The Avalanche Guard triggers avalanches via remote-control using a computer in areas that are difficult to access. The Avalanche Guard is the central unit within the Avalanche Guard® system for securing areas under the threat of avalanches.



As a flexible throwing device, the Avalanche Pipe supports the effect of the two stationary systems within the Avalanche Guard® system where avalanches must be triggered quickly and efficiently. The avalanche pipe is installed on a foundation or mobile on slope maintenance vehicles. It can be rotated by a full 360 degrees and throws its explosives in three different inclinations.


S-LOAD avalanche explosive charge

The S-LOAD avalanche explosive charge for the Avalanche Trigger LM32 ensures maximum safety.

The newly developed and patented S-LOAD explosive charge for the Avalanche Trigger LM32 features an impressive mechanism which combines the explosive and ignition material just before the blast.



ATMS – the new control centre

The controlled triggering of avalanches keeps ski and tourism areas safe. The safety technology of the Avalanche Guard® system from Inauen-Schätti AG means that people, animals, property and infrastructure can be protected from the consequences of avalanches, even in the highest mountainous areas which lie in the path of avalanches.
We have developed our cloud-based ATMS (Avalanche Trigger Management System) so that the system is available at all times, and can be operated with the highest level of safety.


Individual configurations

Targeted combinations of the Avalanche Guard® system components create completely new possibilities

A combination of Avalanche Guard charges with an Avalanche Master enables over-snow blasting and at the same time an explosive charge can be thrown up to 130 m from the throw module.
This makes it possible to reach various avalanche detonation points from a single throw box. A popular combination is to equip five of the ten tubes in the Avalanche Master with the Avalanche Guard charges. Depending on the tube allocation in the new ATMS control system, throwing over large distances is possible from the upper tubes, and an excess snow blast can be created from the lower tubes, if necessary.


Financing solutions for increased entrepreneurial freedom

We offer various financing solutions and can assist you with the investment of entire system parks in Switzerland and Austria.

Avalanche protection

Protection against avalanches is an indispensable measure in many places.
It not only saves lives, but also protects many people in mountain regions from existential ruin. As expensive as avalanche protection may seem at first glance, it pays off in the long run.

Generally speaking, a distinction is made between different types of avalanches. These are snow avalanches, which can be subdivided into snow slab avalanches, wet avalanches, dry snow avalanches, sliding snow avalanches and loose snow avalanches, or debris avalanches. All of them pose a great danger to humans and animals alike, which is why effective avalanche protection is essential in many places.


Avalanche safety

For many tourist areas, the economic success of the location and its reliability depend heavily on a safe infrastructure and the associated sensible and efficient avalanche protection measures. Slope protection in particular is indispensable in many areas.

There are many ways of protecting a slope. The specific analysis of an area is particularly important in order to be able to offer optimal, tailor-made avalanche protection measures. Inauen-Schätti AG is the competent and experienced partner who will continue to support you knowledgeably and with pleasure even after the avalanche protection system has been installed.

We are the right partners for you when it comes to controlled avalanche triggering.

When it comes to artificially triggering avalanches, you can always rely on us because of our many years of comprehensive experience in controlled avalanche triggering.

We offer the right solution for any type of topography, meeting the most demanding challenges in terms of range and frequency of intervention. We also offer a variety of cost-effective and user-friendly solutions for very difficult terrain.

Our avalanche triggering systems

Our various avalanche triggering systems are suitable for a wide range of areas and meet all requirements in terms of topography, necessary coverage or intervention frequency with both permanently installed blasting masts and fixed and mobile launchers.

Triggering avalanches remotely

The safety of all those involved is always a priority with our avalanche triggering systems, which is why we can also blast avalanches remotely as required.

Controlled avalanche blasting worldwide

With well over 400 installations worldwide - from centralised individual masts to fully networked, modular 24/7 all-round protection - Inauen-Schätti AG has carried out the most diverse and demanding projects in the field of controlled avalanche blasting over the past 20 years.

Innovation from experience
Inauen-Schätti AG offers the right avalanche triggering system for every terrain and every requirement. The range extends from stationary over-snow blasting systems, through various systems designed for projections aimed directly at the avalanche starting zone, to innovative remote-controlled triggering systems. Thanks to many years of experience not only in the field of avalanche technology, but also in various high mountain technologies such as cableways and rope work, Inauen-Schätti AG is your expert and competent partner in the field of artificial avalanche triggering systems.

Avalanche blasting mast

A particularly good example of innovation and expertise can be seen in the LM32 system, which was presented for the first time in 2018. Here, reloading can take place by helicopter: the blasting mast is equipped with a stable steel ring and thus, through automatic heli-coupling (Auto-Loc), the drop module can be picked up by the pilot, independently of a flight assistant, and after safe reloading, for example conveniently in the valley, can be set down again in the steel ring on site.

Depending on the model, the drop module offers space for either 16, 24 or 32 of the special "S-LOAD" explosive charges. These particularly safe explosive charges, consisting of largely biodegradable components, are characterised by the fact that the detonating and explosive agents they contain are only "armed" when they are dropped. The 16- or 24-round magazines can also be easily converted to 32 x 4.5-kg loads at any time.

Proven avalanche guards

The popular LW2700/5400 Avalanche Guards and the LM2700/5400 Avalanche Masters, which are designed for 2.4 and 4.5 kg explosive charges, have been proving their worth for many years. Inauen-Schätti AG doesn’t rest on its laurels here either and is constantly developing the proven systems further. Not only can the Avalanche Guard double equipment be equipped with two throw boxes of 10 rounds each, but the Avalanche Master can also be equipped with additional throw boxes.

The option of equipping the Avalanche Master with throwing charges makes it possible to reach avalanche start zones at a distance of up to 130 m in addition to the standard over-snow blasting.

The greatest effect can be achieved by combining an Avalanche Master and Avalanche Guard, which can then be triggered via a common control system.

Avalanche blasting with advanced control

In order to benefit from the advantages of the flexible avalanche blasting systems described above, an advanced control system is required. Inauen- Schätti AG has developed the cloud-based blasting software ATMS (Avalanche Trigger Management System) for this purpose.

The ATMS operates securely, reliably and independently of a radio connection using its own server set up specifically for this purpose. A secure connection of all installed systems is thus guaranteed at all times. The authorised blaster only needs an Internet-capable end device to trigger blasting operations, authorised via a password and independent of location. Information on the status of individual masts or the entire system can also be called up remotely at any time.

The ATMS is constantly being further developed and offers not only a real-time overview of current information on the status of blasting and loading, but also the possibility of triggering group blasting, even with a time delay, if required.

Efficiency and safety in avalanche protection through retrofitting with ATMS

It is possible to retrofit existing systems that are in good condition with ATMS. In this way, efficiency and safety in avalanche protection can be optimised and guaranteed even without extensive new investments. Thanks to the recorded operating data or dedicated error messages, the ATMS can be remotely maintained without any problems by qualified experts at the factory.

Inauen-Schätti AG

The advantages of Inauen-Schätti AG are obvious. Inauen-Schätti AG is a family-owned company, founded in 1997 and based in Schwanden, Switzerland. We offer not only years of know-how and unique avalanche triggering systems, but also a comprehensive, customer-friendly all-round service:

  • Support for local avalanche protection officers in the
    1. selection of suitable technologies
    2. selection of optimal locations
    3. selection of the appropriate avalanche triggering systems
  • complete installation from a single source

  • customised training and support services

  • industry-specific leasing financing

Trigger avalanches in a controlled, user-friendly and cost-effective manner with Inauen-Schätti AG, also remote-controlled if desired.

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