Avalanche triggering systems

With an arsenal of innovative technologies, the Avalanche Guard permits safety at the push of a button.

The Avalanche Guard is the so-called main module of the comprehensive Avalanche Guard® safety system from Inauen-Schätti. It patiently waits to be used. When it’s time, the Guard reliably executes its order at the push of a button. Whatever the weather conditions and whether during the day or at night. It is characterised by its extremely reliable technology, its high safety standard and an effective range of up to 400 m.

Every shot is a hit!

Avalanche Guards are installed at easily accessible locations for reloading, on heavy-duty foundations or by using rock anchors. They are equipped with one or two throw boxes, each with 10 decomposable explosive charges, in 2.4 kg or 4.5 kg variants. These are manually loaded before winter via a stable, fold-up platform. The loads are triggered via remote control and shot at the individual blast points. They always reliably reach their target over distances of up to 200 m.

Safety at the push of a button

The blasts are triggered from a safe and secure location from a PC, tablet or smartphone. Successful detonations (transmitted by the microphone) and the remaining available explosive charges are also displayed here. A safety communication system transfers the orders from the operating station to the Avalanche Guard. The explosive charges are simply and safely thrown out at the push of a button. The power necessary for electrically controlling all of the functions is provided by the Avalanche Guard via a solar unit.

At a glance

  • 1 or 2 throw boxes, each with 10 explosive charges
  • 2.4 kg or 4.5 kg explosive force
  • range of up to 200 m
  • effective range up to 400 m (2 throw boxes).
  • control and monitoring via PC, tablet or smartphone
  • safe, fold-out operating platform
  • solar-powered supply unit
  • decomposable explosive charges
  • for clearing hard-to-reach terrains
  • all-weather system

Our avalanche guards are an effective artificial avalanche blasting solution.

Ski area in Lech secured

Another example of the use of our Avalanche Guards - known back then as avalauncher - can be found with the two avalanche guards in the ski area in Lech am Arlberg. They secure the Langer Zug / Rüfikopf ski slopes. Thanks to different propellant charges, two to three different targets can be targeted from one blasting box and thus avalanches can be triggered selectively and over a wide area.

Blasting avalanches is simple, efficient, safe and cost-effective thanks to our Avalanche Guards.


Do you have any questions about avalanche protection?

We will be happy to advise you if you have any questions about avalanche slope protection. Whether the Avalanche Guard/Avalauncher, Avalanche Master or Avalanche Pipe, we offer the optimal solution for every terrain with the appropriate avalanche triggering system. Inauen-Schätti AG also offers the right solution for slopes with many avalanche tracks. If there is a need for frequent blasting, we can offer a system in which up to 32 blasting charges can be conveniently triggered by remote control.

This is also relevant for avalanche protection in the vicinity of roads. Our Avalanche Trigger LM32 avalanche mast is specifically designed for this purpose with its impressive capacity of 32 explosive charges for remote controlled artificial avalanche triggering.

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