Avalanche triggering systems

Reliable and stable even in difficult terrain. The avalanche mast ensures safety at the highest level.

On steep slopes, controlled triggering of avalanches is a particularly demanding task. The avalanche mast is the perfect supplement to the avalanche monitor and the second base of the Lawinenwächter® system by Inauen-Schätti. The avalanche mast permits secure and reliable detonation of charges just above the snow cover to prevent sliding off of the destination capsule, and ensure an optimal detonation effect.

Every shot is a hit


The avalanche mast and avalanche monitor ideally supplement each other in secure and controlled clearing of dangerous avalanche slopes. The avalanche mast is also equipped with 10 each of the same charges at 2.5 kg or 5 kg and operated via the same control program. The charge, however, is not shot into the avalanche slope but let down on a rope. It detonates just above the snow cover, so that it will not slide in the steep terrain. This way, the full effect hits the tear-off zone.

Safety by pushing a button


The avalanche mast is installed with a 25º inclination in the tear-off zone on a concrete socket, or with rock anchoring. It has space for 10 charges and can be serviced and supplied easily and safely on the operating platform that can be folded up. Every charge is equipped with a lowering coil, and the explosion master will trip via a computer control from the control center. The power supply of the protection box, safety system and trigger take place through an integrated solar unit.

At a single glance

  • 1 protection box at 10 charges each
  • Explosive force 2.5 kg or 5 kg
  • 25º inclination on the slope
  • Control and inspection via PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Secure, unfolding operating platform
  • Power supply via solar unit
  • Rottable charges
  • For clearing of steep terrain
Kombination mit Lawinenwächter
Kombination mit Lawinenwächter

Combination with avalanche monitor

Enjoy the advantages of a combination between an avalanche monitor and an avalanche mast. Save on the on-site control and receive optimal flexibility in the number of detonation points. The alignment of 20 charges in one loading site also simplifies logistics. 

This is only one example of how we can take care of customer needs. The board range of avalanche triggering systems from Inauen-Schätti AG is near-unlimited in artificial triggering of avalanches.

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