Avalanche trigger systems

Reliable and consistent: even on difficult terrains. The Avalanche Master ensures maximum safety.

Controlled triggering of avalanches is particularly challenging on steep slopes. The Avalanche Master perfectly complements the Avalanche Guard and is the second pillar of the Avalanche Guard® system from Inauen-Schätti. With the Avalanche Master, blasting avalanches becomes childsplay, the explosive charges can be safely and reliably detonated over the snow surface to prevent the explosive charge from sliding away and to guarantee the optimum explosive effect.

Every shot is a hit!


Avalanche Master and Avalanche Guard ideally complement each other for safe and controlled clearance of dangerous avalanche accumulations. The Avalanche Master is also equipped with 10 of the same decomposable explosive charges, in the 2.4 kg or 4.5 kg options, and operated from the same control program. However the explosive charge is not thrown into the avalanche slope, but hung from a rope. This means that it detonates just above the snow surface so that it does not fall down steep terrains, and the avalanche blasting achieves its full effect in the starting area. Avalanche blasting works particularly effectively thanks to this system, avalanche blasting has never been easier and safer.

Safety at the push of a button


The Avalanche Master is fitted with a heavy-duty foundation or anchored to the rock in the starting area, at a 25º incline. The avalanche blasting mast has space for a total of 10 explosive charges and can be easily and safely maintained and supplied on the fold-out platform. Each charge is equipped with a lowering coil, the blaster gives the order via the ATMS to trigger the blast using a computer control and can then observe the blast from a distance. Artificial avalanche blasting has never been so safe, effective and comfortable. The power for the protective box, safety system and trigger is supplied via an environmentally and maintenance friendly integrated solar unit.

At a glance

  • 1 protective box with 10 charges
  • 2.4 kg or 4.5 kg explosive force
  • 25º incline on the slope
  • control and monitoring via PC, tablet and smartphone
  • safe, fold-out operating platform
  • solar-powered supply unit
  • decomposable explosive charges for clearing steep slopes

With an arsenal of innovative technologies, the Avalanche Guard permits safety at the push of a button.

The Avalanche Guard is the so-called main module of the comprehensive Avalanche Guard® safety system from Inauen-Schätti. It patiently waits to be used. When it’s time, the guard reliably executes its order at the push of a button. Whatever the weather conditions and whether during the day or at night. It is characterised by its extremely reliable technology, its high safety standard and an effective range of up to 400 m.

Kombination mit Lawinenwächter
Kombination mit Lawinenwächter

Optimal: Combined with an Avalanche Guard

Enjoy the advantages when combining an Avalanche Guard and an Avalanche Master for even easier and more flexible avalanche blasting.

The combination of an Avalanche Guard and an avalanche blasting mast brings the following advantages:

  1. It saves you the need for on-site control.
  2. You get optimum flexibility in the number of blasting points.
  3. Positioning 20 explosive charges at one loading point also simplifies logistics.

This is only one example of how we respond to customer requirements. The wide range of avalanche trigger systems from Inauen-Schätti AG knows almost no limits within the area of artificial triggering of avalanches.

It is our passion to make artificial avalanche blasting as easy, efficient and safe as possible for you.

You too can benefit from our expertise and many years of experience in the field of artificial avalanche blasting.

Lawinenmast Lawinensprengmast

Avalanche Master Avalanche blasting mast

Avalanche triggering system replaces avalanche shoring system in Champéry.

In the Dents du Midi region of Champéry, an avalanche shoring system was destroyed by a wet snow avalanche in the winter of 2018.

The shoring was torn down onto the slope. The option were either to install new avalanche shoring or the Inauen-Schätti avalanche trigger system, with avalanche blast masts being much more cost-effective for securing the slopes.

This meant that we were able to install two LM5400 Avalanche Masters, each with 10 rounds of 4.5 kg explosives. Detonation over snow causes a large spread and thus optimal effect.

Two for the price of one

Our avalanche triggering systems can be doubled by combining the Avalanche Master mast with the Avalanche Guard to make avalanche blasting even more effective.

We have extended the Avalanche Masters in the Ventertal valley near Sölden with an Avalanche Guard. This allows double the effect to be achieved from the same mast with the same control.

Ten blast points can be lowered and ten shots thrown with pinpoint accuracy over a distance of 150 meters. This makes it possible to secure an even larger area and thus also the road in the Ventertal valley without any problems.

Thanks to the seven blasting masts from Inauen-Schätti AG and the now very effective option of artificial avalanche blasting thanks to the combination of Avalanche Master and Avalanche Guard, the road no longer has to be closed due to avalanche danger more than 20 times a winter, as was the case before the installation.

Lawinenmast Lawinensprengmast Kombimast

Avalanche Master Avalanche blasting mast Combination mast

Pros and cons of artificial avalanche blasting.

Advantages of avalanche blasting

By artificially determining the departure of the avalanche, the securing and closure of the avalanche-prone area can be optimized in terms of time, which means that access roads and winter sports areas need to be closed for less time.
Remote-controlled blasting offers great flexibility, as it can be triggered regardless of the weather.

Damaging avalanches can be avoided by triggering several and therefore smaller avalanches.

Significantly increased safety for endangered zones thanks to timely artificial blasting.

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