The pros on any slope

Everything from offer to planning, execution and maintenance of the system comes from a single source.

With our four inclined elevators Comfort, Intra, Piccolo and, most recently, the Calidus as well, we offer just the right product for any area of use. From the terrace settlement to private use, access to public vantage pints and hotel facilities, the utmost safety is ensured at all times for the ride up and back down. We will gladly meet individual demands and ensure a compact build with a long service life for all facilities. Thanks to the constant further developments and optimizations processes, we will give you facilities that are always at the latest state of the art.

Schrägaufzug Comfort


The «Comfort» model is our most-often sold system. From a certain cabin size onwards, the Comfort+ can be used with a wider rail structure and space for up to 30 persons. The system is very well suitable for any usage condition, and in particular in snow.

Schrägaufzug Intra


The Intra is the right decision for any indoor facility. The Intra is the right facility for accessing terraced houses or hotel facilities with shaft development.

Schrägaufzug Calidus


The inclined elevator has been specifically developed for Southern and Mediterranean climate areas. A counter-weight is used on the lane in order to reduce the necessary drive output.

Schrägaufzug Piccolo


The «Piccolo» is robust without a great many extras, and has diverse uses. The inclined elevator Piccolo gives you a facility reduced to the optimum scope for up to 4 persons.

Conversion & renewal

Just as for the aerial tramways, the subject of retrofitting is always present and up to date in inclined elevators. Many aged facilities need to be overhauled and brought to the latest state of the art. The direct benefit from this is achieving the necessary availability of the inclined elevator. Contact us for inspection and development of the condition report to ensure safety and availability in future as well.

Our services:
- Evaluation of the system and condition reports
- Development for modernizations and updates
- Renewal of controls
- Restoration and modernization of cabins
- Route renovations
- Development of capacity and comfort

Our standards

Your wishes are diverse - we have a solution

Safe, long-lived, customized

Our inclined elevators are a great choice in all areas:

  • They are accessible according to SIA 500 / (EN 81-70) (Comfort, Intra),
  • with their automatic leveling function, they are always horizontal,
  • Thanks to structure-borne sound insulation, they run on silent rails,
  • they are independent of weather,
  • operation is very easy,
  • the different drive options permit adjustment of the facility to the present builds. 
  • Combinations of standard components lead to your economic, customized solution

The eye rides along

Are you looking for a facility that meets your wishes and is equipped individually? 

Music, light, benches, air conditioning inside or particularly refined and shaded windows in the outside design of the cabin?

We will gladly advise you on the many options and implement them as desired. 

All systems we build corresponding to the current norms and safety standards.

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