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Everything we do, we do with the healthy ambition of offering our customers the best service from A to Z. Everything at Inauen-Schätti AG is about your wishes, needs and satisfaction.

Our specially trained employees have comprehensive specialist knowledge, long-term experience and are subject to continuous further training. This way, we can ensure top services in the areas of sales & consulting, planning & engineering, production & workshop, setup & assembly as well as service & maintenance.

It does not matter how large or complex your project or order is. We guarantee that you will always be supported and accompanied reliably, comprehensively and personally. From consulting and planning to production to maintenance of the plant. The most important project for Inauen-Schätti AG is always the one we are currently working on.

Sales & consulting

As your customer, you are in the best hands from the beginning. Even in sales consulting, reliable and competent specialists will see to your request.

They put your needs at the center of consulting. They will consider your wishes. They present innovative, feasible and cost-optimized solutions. In particular, they will support you from start to acceptance of your project - and beyond that if necessary. It is important to us that the cooperation between you and Inauen-Schätti AG is based on mutual trust.

This trust is targeted at the specialists involved as well as the respective products and services from our diverse range. We offer only solutions that meet all safety requirements. We only cooperate with renowned suppliers. We will always provide competent advice in discussions.

Planning & engineering

Experience meeting innovative power leads to pioneering technology. There are virtually no challenges that our engineers and designers would not find a matching solution for.

With state-of-the-art technology, 3D planning programs and long experience, they create innovative approaches and new solutions even for the most demanding projects in our in-house development and engineering department.

They always work in line with the individual customer need and the specific requirements that the project has to the technology and the required devices.

This way, solutions that not only meet customer wishes but also comply with all requirements and the national and international standards are generated quickly and competently. Specific trainings ensure that our engineers' know-how is always at the state-of-the-art so that this is also true of your system.

Production & workshop

We need smart craftsmanship to produce the production, machine parts and components developed by our engineering department. Sophisticated factory work is performed in-house in our own production and workshop areas.

In addition to the construction of aerial tramways and inclined elevators and the production and assembly of the corresponding machine parts and components, we also provide many different rope and steel constructions in the following areas: Steel water engineering, mechanical engineering, plant construction, special elevator systems, cable installation systems, rope winches.

For example, we produce prototypes, bridge components or special plants, such as the tram transfer platform for the Vienna tram. We develop SBB antenna masts across Switzerland, perform locksmith work for private and business customers and build demanding welding constructions with our tested and certified welders.

Setup & assembly on site

What good will the best parts, machines and special productions do if they are not professionally installed? This is why our experienced assembly pros always use their entire know-how in all projects, in addition to using state-of-the-art equipment and special tools.

This applies for orders at high altitudes as well as in the valley and for regional as well as for international projects.

The efficient assembly techniques that they use for this permit fast and rational assembly procedures. The safety and protection of the assembly staff takes the highest propriety at all times.

Insights resulting from current protects continually contribute to the latest assembly orders. This increases our already-extensive know-how further with ever project, leading to a high-quality assembly that you will only find at Inauen-Schätti AG.

Service & maintenance

Better safe than sorry. Quality cannot be replaced by anything. These principles apply for every single plant that we plan, construct, build and assemble for our customers.

High-quality and carefully processed machine parts and components ensure a smooth and secure use. If problems arise anyway, you can always rely on our prompt service and competent consulting.

Our services: Spare parts delivery, aerial tramway maintenance, inclined elevators, system conversions and revisions, system reviews and inspections, condition assessments, crack tests, etc., revisions of drives, roll batteries, etc., renting of aerial tramway specialists, renting of assembly material.

Best inquire personally about the things we can do for you. We will support you in literally keeping your plant running to make it pay off for longer.

Certificates of the Inauen-Schätti AG

Zertifikat ISO 9001:2015
Zertikat ISO 3834-2:2005
Zertikat Schweissen von Schienenfahrzeugen und -fahrzeugteilen nach EN 15085-2
Schweisszertifikat SVS-EN1090-2.00151.2017.005
Zertikat 2442-CPR-1090-1.00151.SVS.2017.004
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