Leasing avalanche trigger systems protects liquidity and provides entrepreneurial freedom 

Leasing is based on economic use being more important than title in the object. Use of the object is put at the focus and the leasing rates are settled from revenues from the use.

For customers of Inauen-Schätti AG, this means that the liquid funds can be used for operative business, protecting liquidity. The improved liquidity can be used to expand the core business. The leased object and the owed leasing installments serve as collateral and therefore permit attractive interest rates.

Thanks to various leasing models and a linear or seasonal payment mode, BTV Leasing offers the option of adjusting the leasing contract to specific needs. For example, seasonable revenue fluctuations of the aerial tramway operator can be considered.

Leasing can be offered in Switzerland and Austria.

Our partner is BTV Leasing

BTV Leasing



Together with our financing provider BTV, we offer an optimal solution for financing avalanche trigger systems. 

The investment goods leasing permits use of mobile investment goods. Nearly any mobile investment goods can be leased. However, they cannot be customized to your needs, but need to be usable by third parties as well. This prerequisite is met by any avalanche trigger system from Inauen-Schätti.  

Free liquidity

Free liquidity is a valuable asset in any company. It is sensible to use them for wear and use of investment assets. Using them merely for possessing an asset binds valuable liquidity in fixed assets.

Leasing means smart funding. On the one hand, you only pay for use; on the other hand, you are able to purchase the asset after the end of the leasing contract, and thus optimally combine rent and ownership.

Leasing will not increase your balance sheet total. This does not reduce your equity ratio.

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