Leasing for avalanche triggering systems preserves liquidity and allows entrepreneurial freedom

Leasing is based on the fact that economic use is more important than ownership of the object. This puts the use of the object in the foreground and the leasing instalments are paid by means of income from its use.

For the customers of Inauen-Schätti AG, this means that they can use the liquid funds for the operational business, which thus preserves liquidity. With the liquidity gained, the core business can be expanded. The leasing object and the leasing interest payments owed serve as collateral and thus enable an attractive interest rate.

Thanks to various leasing models with a linear or seasonal payment method, BTV Leasing offers the possibility to adapt the leasing contract to specific needs.
For example, seasonal fluctuations in the mountain railway operator's earnings can be taken into account.

Leasing can be offered in Switzerland and Austria.

Our partner is BTV Leasing

BTV Leasing


Financing with BTV LEASING

Together with our financial service provider BTV, we offer an optimal solution for the financing of avalanche triggering systems.

Capital equipment leasing enables the use of movable capital equipment. Almost all mobile capital goods can be leased. However, they must not be specifically tailored to your needs, but must also be able to be used by third parties. All avalanche triggering systems from Inauen-Schätti offer this prerequisite.

Free liquidity

Free liquidity is a valuable asset in every company. It makes sense to use it for the use (wear and tear) of capital goods. Using it for the mere possession of an asset ties up valuable liquidity in fixed assets.

With leasing, you finance intelligently. On the one hand, you only pay for the use of the asset; on the other hand, you also have the option of acquiring the asset at the end of the leasing contract, thus optimally combining leasing and ownership.

Leasing does not increase your balance sheet total. As a result, there is no reduction in the equity ratio.

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