Inclined elevator access Schlossberg Schwarzenberg DE


This facility was taken into operation in October 2010. It was built by the town of Schwarzenberg in the Erzgebirge The elevator accesses the old town on the castle hill.

The system is equipped with a hydraulic incline balancer. In particular the downwards ride is an enjoyable experience, with the elevator moving down across the bend while the cabin remains nice and horizontal at all times. The old town is not car-free but there are limited parking spaces. The valley station has a large parking place and the elevator makes the "climb" easy now.

A 0.50 EUR ticket is required for using the facility. These tickets can be redeemed again in any shop. The parking place is free of charge as well.

Technical data

Route length 48 m
Inclination 45-28°
Number of stages 2
Operating speed 1.2 m/s
Payload 8 passengers
Year of build 2010
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