Cable placement, Luxembourg

Highest voltage, cleanly routed 

We were able to implement a demanding cable routing system in Luxembourg. 16 different cable systems with cable diameters of 36-110 mm are routed across approx. 800 m, through various tunnel cross-sections and past each other. All in all, this cable routing facility used about 150 tons of steel.

The 16 cable systems provided by various power suppliers run vertically in galleries several times, but also via a 380 m tunnel with Ø 3000 mm, and a tunnel with Ø 2500 mm. In addition to engineering, production and delivery, we were also responsible for the complete installation on site.

Technical data

Var. Lengths 60m - 800m
Cable Ø 36mm - 110 mm
Cable weight 6.7 - 31 kg/m
Short-circuit spacer every 5 m
Console distance 2.5 - 5 m
Inclination 0° - 90°
Phase distance/arrangement different
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