8-ATW Tierfehd – Kalktrittli with self-service operation

This modern tramway awaits you. At the machine, redeem your ticket with cash or a card, climb in, press the button, listen to the brief instructions and the aerial tramway takes you either to the gorgeous Limmern/Muttsee hiking area or the Linth-Limmern pumped-storage power station.
The tramway covers an altitude difference of 1053m whilst the red and silver cabins head almost two kilometres skywards. It rises up to 214 metres above the ground. Two towers that are part of the construction tramway are reused, and a third tower is being built before the mountain station.
The intermediate exit on tower 1, which serves the power station and alpine summering, represented a particular challenge. In this case, the intermediate exit is fully automatic and hydraulic. Electricity has to be additionally supplied from the mountain station.

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