Renovating the Meienreuss water catchment area for SBB electricity production

The Meienreuss is a 14.3 kilometre long left-hand tributary of the Reuss, which flows through the Meiental valley in the municipality of Wassen. The Feden water catchment area on the Meienreuss was comprehensively renovated in the winter of 2018/19. It has been used by Kraftwerk Wassen AG for electricity generation since 1948 and has a licence until 2043. The whole system was fully renovated. This also included corrosion protection on the weir, which is designed as a segmental weir with shutter. The drive motors, all bearings and expendable parts, as well as the seals were replaced whilst new stainless steel sealing surfaces were added to it.

As the sole contractor, Inauen-Schätti AG was also responsible for all ancillary work such as water drainage, structural renovations, safeguarding against landslides, etc.

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