Inclined elevator connection Plessur - Halde, Chur

This facility was taken into operation in October 2011. An underpass was built below the street to Arosa to connect the school facilities of Plessur and Halde. An inclined elevator was included to make the connection accessible for persons with disabilities. The builder was the Hochbauamt Graubünden.

The elevator has automatic station and cabin doors and the cabin inner dimensions are w x l = 1.4 x 2.0 m. This area is easily large enough for an electrical wheelchair or a wheelchair with tractor device (Swisstrac). The cabin is equipped with a load measuring device, since it offers enough space for 16 persons, while the cabin is only intended for use by 8 persons or 630 kg of material.

Technical data

Route length 39 m
Inclination 47°
Height difference 28 m
Number of stages 2
Operating speed 1.2 m/s
Payload 8 passengers / 630 kg
Year of build 2011
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