Cable placement Reisseck II

In Carinthia (Austria), we were able to implement the power lines for the pump accumulator power plant Reisseck II. A power discharge tunnel (800 meters) leads from the transformer cavern downstream of the access to the portal. The cables are routed across several curves via a tunnel in the valley at the Burgstallstrasse (800 m). The Ø119 mm cables cover 2200 m, then run along two pressure lines, with the cables being routed and inserted across several horizontal and vertical curves. The steepest section routes are 52°. The saddle shells with three dedicated clamping bands have been used here in order to perform the downslope routing of the highest voltage cables.

In addition to engineering, production and delivery, we were responsible for installation as well in the pump accumulator power plant Reisseck project.

Technical data

Length 3750 m
Cable Ø 119 mm
Cable weight 22.6 kg
Short-circuit spacer every 6 m
Console distance 3 - 6 m
Inclination 0° - 52°
Phase distance 300 mm
Arrangement in narrow triangle
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