Cable placement, London

We were charged with producing and supplying the cable installation system for the London underground. Consoles for the specifically suitable cable saddles are installed every 8.4 m on the entire length of the tunnel. This constellation permits smooth cable insertion with a very low pulling force.

Without any additional effort, the cable is already placed in the final position after insertion and only had to be prepared for live operation with clamps and short-circuit spacers.

The large console distance of 8.4 m was meant to buffer the temperature differences of the live cable (expansion).

Technical data

Length 10000 m / 6000 m
Tunnel Ø / cable Ø 3040 mm / 150 m
Cable weight 40 kg/m
Short-circuit spacer every 8.4 m
Console distance 8.4 m
Inclination 0° - 90°
Phase distance 500 mm
Arrangement on top of each other
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