8-ATW, Emmetten-Niederbauen


In the spring of 2013, we were able to perform some renewal work on the aerial tramway Niederbauen.

The system was equipped with a new drive and a new control. The drive chosen is a standard drive from our compact aerial tramway system. The new drive could be perfectly integrated into the existing drive space without any construction changes.

The latest control generation of Frey AG was used in the control. Furthermore, the carrying rope tensioning pulleys and some deflection pulleys were replaced. At the same time as the conversion, the carrying ropes were shifted and the clamping ropes and King sleeves were replaced.

Technical data

Route length 1786 m
Height difference 795 m
Number of supports 5
Operating speed 6.0 m/s
Engine power 55 kW
Cabin 8 persons
Towing rope 17 mm
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