8-ATW Grimsel-Hausenegg (Sidelhornbahn)

New construction 8 jig-back ropeway

We were able to implement a new one-lane 8 jig-back ropeway for Kraftwerke Oberhasli AG in fall of 2011.

The facility was opened to the public in the summer of 2012. The facility can now be used independently by tourists without any operating staff.

A special feature of this facility is the asymmetrical support in the mountain station area. This special support type is necessary to warrant the corresponding rope distance in the large section above the artificial lake.

The facility is built in a manner that dispenses with a rescue system ("integrated rescue"). All bearings in the deflection pulleys are redundant, so that an auxiliary bearing is used in case of a defect. The emergency drives are redundant as well. These special measures make it possible to still move the vehicle safety to the valley station even after gross damage, such as gear damage or axle break in a deflector pulley.

Technical data

Route length 946 m
Height difference 260 m
Number of supports 1
Operating speed 5.0 m/s
Engine power 55 kW
Carrying rope / towing rope 33 mm / 16 mm
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