Inclined elevator, Leisenberg, Liestal


The facility was put into operation in July 2011. The builder was the Baugenossenschaft Raurach. It is the 8th elevator we implemented at this slope.

The number of facilities, including those in Frenkendorf and Therwil, is only paralleled by that of Ticino.

We installed an IS-Line cabin here, which is characterized by the round window on the valley side. Automatic sliding doors are installed on either side of the cabin, which corresponds to the barrier-free building standard in size. Manual swing doors are installed at the stations.

Technical data

Route length 35.2 m
Inclination 25°
Height difference 17 m
Number of stages 6
Operating speed 1.0 m/s
Payload 6 passengers
Year of build 2011
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