8-ATW, St. Jakob-Gitschenen, Isenthal


The jig-back ropeway St. Jakob-Gitschenen for 8 was comprehensively renovated in the spring of 2010. The drive into the mountain station was completely replaced. The standardized drive from our compact aerial tramway system could be perfectly integrated into the existing station building.

The system was further equipped with a new control. With the new control, the residents of Gitschenen can use the facility independently at all times using a badge.

A new telecom cable with optical fiber was installed for data transmission. The drives, suspensions, cabins, deflection pulleys and pulling cable pulleys were revised comprehensively in the Schwanden factory.

The freshly renovated aerial tramway now invites you to explore the beautiful Gitschenen.

Technical data

Route length 1782 m
Height difference 551 m
Number of supports 6
Operating speed 5.0 m/s
Engine power 55 kW
Carrying rope / towing rope 25 mm / 15mm
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