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Make a great choice with the inclined elevator "Comfort" or "Comfort+". Our "Comfort" model is highly suitable for any situation, from simplified access to terrace apartment, to access to public facilities or hotel superstructures. Automatic level compensation is the implemented standard on demand.


Our classical standard design offers plenty of space for four to sixteen persons and is accessible for wheelchairs. The automatic cabin door drive reduces the already-simple operation to a minimum. The station door offers optimal safety thanks to automatic latching and can only be opened when the cabin is in the station. Design and function: Windows of shaded acrylic glass, slip-proof aluminum bulb plate on the cabin floor and hot-dip-galvanized steel as basic material combine a robust and weather-independent build with a beautiful design.


Of course, the refined I- or C-line design also offers space for four to sixteen persons. Further amenities such as additional benches, air conditioning or speakers for music can be integrated as desired. For the interior cabin design, we offer various materials such as stone panels or carpets for the floor area and synthetic resin patterns with optional visible surfaces for the ceiling.

A state-of-the-art control with various development options is installed as well. For example, an APP can be enclosed that will allow comfortably calling the cabin by Smartphone. Contact us to get to know the latest trends.

If necessary, the Comfort can be "plus"-design. The Comfort+ has space for up to 30 persons in a cabin. The Comfort+ has a larger track width and thereby increases traveling comfort and travelling stability.

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