PSM Elevator in the Regensburg cathedral

New construction passenger elevator cathedral organ

Inauen-Schätti AG creates another global one-of-a kind unit in the Regensburg cathedral.

The cathedral of Regensburg, built in 1273, only recently received an organ for the first time.

However, installation with the constructional changes required under monument protection wasn't easy to do. The entire organ structure is attached to steel cables that are fastened to special steel carriers between the celling vaults and the roof.

The organ structure, weighing about 37 tons, is therefore suspended "freely floating" in the cathedral.

In order to ensure the organist's access to the organ, we built the matching elevator. There are no stairs, and there won't be any either.

The organist orders his "elevator gondola" with the push of a button. The cabin concealed on the side behind the organ pipes is now extended horizontally and lowered vertically to the church floor. Due to the narrow space, a sophisticated system is used in which a counter-weight performs the horizontal movement.

Now the organist gets in his cabin and floats up to his organ.

The organ elevator is without elevator shaft and guide rails, with operating and safety brake, overspeed trigger, slack rope monitor and trigger is certified by TÜV Süd and type-tested.

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