Cable placement Baltic 1+2, Baltic Sea

Grid connection

We were able to implement the engineering and construction for laying the sea cable with Ø 236 mm from the seabed to the transformer platform for the wind farms Baltic I and Baltic II.

The three-conductor cable with integrated fiberglass had to be pulled up vertically 30 meters. The special roller bend and high-strength box rollers pulled the cable to the end closures. A grid platform serves as a sufficiently long reserve loop.

A large deflection wheel that was installed above the platform was able to implement insertion of the cable.

Technical data

Plant the platforms Insertion of 4 connection cables 151/152/153/154 from the seabed to
Cable Ø 236 mm / 3 conductor sea cable with fiberglass
Cable weight 56.6 kg / meter
Winch type Habegger
Deflection pulleys for cable pull 1.2 m Ø
Inclination 0° - 90°
Phase distance 70 mm
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