Tram movement platform, Vienna

New tram movement platform for the central workshop of the Vienna lines in Vienna!

Due to the increasingly long vehicle combinations, the existing sliding platform on which the vehicles were set up in a long line could no longer be used.

Inauen-Schätti AG constructed, built and installed a new sliding platform in the central workshop of the Vienna lines. The trams are placed on a new sliding platform in a curved shape. Larger vehicle compositions can be moved inside the workshop this way as well.

The sliding platform is powered by four friction wheel drives.

Technical data

Maximum vehicle length 36.5 m
Maximum vehicle weight 40 t
Curve radius on the platform 19.3 m
Drive power 4 x 7.5 kW m/s
Dimension 24 m x 28 m
Total weight 115 t
Year of build 2011
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