Avalanche Guard ®  LW 2700 / LW 5400

The Avalanche Guard is a firmly installed throwing system that is mounted in a well-accessible site; it can be reloaded and is equipped with at least 10 loads. The decomposable explosion cartridges are available in two different models - with 2.7 kg or 5.4 kg explosivs. The Avalanche Guard is triggered remote-controlled via computer to trigger avalanches in areas that are difficult to access. The Avalanche Guard is the central system to secure areas under threat of avalanches in the Avalanche Guard® system.

Avalanche Master  LM 2700 / LM 5400

The avalance master is the perfect amendment to the Avalanche Guard; it works best on steep slopes. The avalanche master is also installed firmly at the starting point or a hot spot and throws its load on a rope, letting it detonate 2-3 m above the snow surface. The load cannot slide off and the full detonation force is ensured. The avalanche master is also monitored by the Avalanche Guard® system's control and equipped with the same thrown charges.

Avalanche Pipe  BOOSTER 250 / 500

As a flexible throwing device, the avalanche pipe supports the effect of the two stationary systems within the Avalanche Guard ® system where avalanches must be triggered quickly and efficiently. The avalanche pipe is installed on a foundation or mobile on slope maintenance vehicles. It can be rotated by a full 360 degrees and fires its explosives in three different inclinations.

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Inauen-Schätti AG Tschachen 1 CH-8762 Schwanden Tel. +41 55 647 48 68 E-Mail senden
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