Avalanche Guards protect the Trans-Canada-Highway

Up to 17 metres of fresh snow can fall during winter in Glacier National Park, Canada. Such quantities of snow are amongst the heaviest in the world and it feeds over 400 glaciers. The Trans-Canada-Highway heads over the Rogers Pass in the centre of the park. From this winter onwards, this important road connection is secured with our avalanche triggering system.

Mobile control centre in a box

Eight Avalanche Guards were built at our site in Schwanden for the Rogers Pass then shipped to Canada. The landslide monitors were assembled at five different locations and will be in operation for this winter, securing the road. As project manager Marco Larghi explains, the distances involved are so large that a mobile control unit was installed in a box. The warden who is responsible for the avalanche triggering system is out and about with the Jeep, and uses the mobile system and tablet to send radio signals for triggering a controlled drop. At the same time, the avalanche can also be followed.

New production line in Schwanden

Inauen-Schätti AG has leased an additional production hall for manufacturing avalanche triggering systems within the old Electrolux premises in Schwanden, where a new production line has been constructed under the management of Thomas Schuler. The objective is to produce avalanche triggering systems all year round so that orders can be delivered more rapidly.

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