Upgrading the Raron – Eischoll cable car

Flexible, space-saving, no construction costs: The compact drive from Inauen-Schätti AG demonstrates its many advantages - even on the oldest cable car in the canton of Valais. The Raron - Eischoll cable car, the oldest one of its kind in the canton of Valais, has linked the villages of Raron and Eischoll since 1946. The two-lane aerial tramway for ten passengers is available from 4am to 10pm every day and is in good condition due to excellent maintenance. Only the drive, dating back to renovations in 1960, had reached the end of its useful life after 58 years. Our compact drive with electronic standby drive impressed the client. In this case, it was genuinely challenging to position the new drive in a small existing space, but we were able to handle this comfortably with our compact system.

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