The product range goes from the classical rope machine, to telescopic machines in various designs, to movable and turning automated articulated arm machines.

Hydraulic rake cleaning units often play a central role in interference-free power plant operation. Our rake cleaning machines with their high-quality and robust build ensure outstandingly cleaned inlet rakes and therefore maximum power production.

Telescopic rake cleaning machines are very often used in smaller and medium-sized power plants. Depending on the size of the inlet rake and the properties of the pusher, various designs are available.

The rope machines as a classical solution for large cleaning depths. With their robust build, they are suitable for any application where narrow podium situations or deep inlet rakes are present. They can be electromechanically or hydraulically operated.

The fully automatic articulated arm machines, also called excavator machines, are the flagship of our rake cleaning machines. 

They are in particular used for river power plants, where broad and deep rakes need to be cleaned. With their universal uses, they increasingly replace the classical rope machines.

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