Special aerial tramways
Aerial tramways for special requirements

Aerial tramways without limits

Special aerial tramways from Inauen-Schätti are often used in power plants, shaft facilities but also in industrial applications, our industrial applications. Aerial tramways are often used for regular inspection of pressure lines. Therefore, it surprises no one in the Alpine countries that the power plant companies around the world use hundreds of aerial tramways. Inauen-Schätti will gladly help you with planning and implementation of such special aerial tramways. Winches certified for passenger transport are included in our scope of delivery as well. 

These aerial tramways are also built according to the latest laws, directives and regulations in order to permit passenger transport. All systems are built in 3D-CAD, as usual, and can be inspected before construction with the virtual reality technology.

Shaft access systems and pressure tube aerial tramways

A large share of the special aerial tramway systems of Inauen-Schätti AG is designed and built for operation in pressure shafts. This type of aerial tramway is put on the Swiss market according to the EU aerial tramway regulation as well, and therefore requires acceptance according to the aerial tramway laws. The configuration is usually based on a winch system and a travelling cart in the mine.

Standing aerial tramway in special designs

In steep terrain inspections of pressure lines or access to military facilities may be a challenge. In such steep terrain, small standing aerial tramways from Inauen-Schätti AG are helpful solutions. 

In some cases, we have also built such special aerial tramways to supply tunneling machines.

Equipment for special functions

Special vehicles are used, for example for surface processing of the pressure tubes. These special carts are also planned and built according to customer needs.

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